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Welcome to Serbia

Serbia is fabulous country in the mountainous Western Balkans, breathtakingly rich in warm-hearted People, History and outstanding cultural Inheritance from the Prehistorical, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and the Modern times. Serbia is amazing country among 10 essential stops in Europe, beyond all expectations, providing diversified and spectacular landmarks, colorful and picturesque villages and unique surprises of tradition beyond imagination.

The List of Immovable cultural monuments of Serbia contains 156 sites of exceptional importance among them 6 belong to UNESCO Cultural Heritage. The list of Protected Natural Values of Serbia includes 5 National Parks, 14 Nature Parks, 18 Landscapes of Outstanding Features, 72 Nature Reserves and Special Nature Reserves, 329 Natural Monuments etc. Protected areas of Serbia contribute to the conservation and enhancement of the environment, biodiversity, longevity and quality of natural resources and landscapes, geo-heritage phenomena, the space as the architecture-urbanistic category, etc. The largest protected areas in Serbia are covered with forest ecosystems, as the basis of the healthy environment and the key factor of its conservation and enhancement.

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