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History of Serbia

Some researchers and scholars fight against the fake history of Serbia and claim that the Serbs lived in the present day areas of Serbia more than 7500 years ago, and that they have officially used the ancient Serbian calendar and have started to count years since 5508 before Christ, so they determine that members of the oldest Dynasties of Serbia, like Stefan Đurađ Branković was killed in 6935 and the Prince Lazar was killed in the Kosovo Battle in 6893. Serbs are real Aryans, Alans, Hyperboreans, Sarmatians…. During the Roman reign Serbs arrived from the north and helped their fellow-people – indigenous tribal population, and remained here and preserved their customs and language. In the 4th century, during the reign of the Constantine the Great /306-337/, two provinces were created in the area of the Upper Moesia – the Moesia Prima and Dardania, while the Dacia Ripensis – the Maritime Dacia and the Dacia Mediterranea – the Mediterranean Dacia were established by division of the Lower Moesia. At the end of the 4th century /379-395/ by creation of the Illyric Prefecture, the two Dioceses were founded – the Macedonia /Macedonid/ and the Dacia /Dacia/. Within the Dacia Diocese there were provinces of the Upper Moesia, Maritime Dacia, the Mediterranean Dacia, Dardania and Preavalis.

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